Testimony and Vision

Debra and I, June 2010

I was born to woman in 1952 and born into the Kingdom in June of 1973 after years of looking for God in drugs, eastern religions, the occult and martial arts. In 1975 I was Baptized in the Holy Spirit in a profound and powerful way. In 1985 I was healed of a life-threatening liver disease. Since 1982, Debra and I have been involved in home church ministry and training people to hear from God and speak what they hear. We have been blessed to be influenced by some wonderful men and women of God, most of them can be found on our "Links" page.

We are the parents of two wonderful children and their wonderful spouses: Jess, and his wife, Kami; and Andrea, her husband, Rob Ferguson. They've given us five beautiful grandchildren: Creed, Selah Ann, Ryann, David, and Autumn.

My statement of beliefs can be summed up like this: Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Baptism in the Spirit empowers the Believer. Inner Healing and Deliverance is part of every believer's need for sanctification. Hearing from God and moving in the Gifts of the Spirit are vital. God is restoring David's Tabernacle and the Five-Fold Ministries of Ephesians 4:11. Those offices are about functions, not titles. Prophetic ministry is more about forth-telling the heart of God than it is fore-telling the future. If you don't know his heart He won't tell you the future. We could all read the Bible and pray more. Jesus is coming back. I don't know when. I do know He is coming back on a horse, so I don't think He minds if we raise good horses. Until He returns, we are dedicated to doing the work of the Kingdom everywhere, and especially in the marketplace. Happiness is realizing He must increase but we must decrease. Decreasing does not mean a loss of personal identity, instead it is the discovery of one's real identity. Young people can move as powerfully in the Spirit as adults, in fact, in many cases, they do it much better because their mind doesn't get in the way.

That's about it.


Our son Jesse, wife Kami, daughter Selah, and son David

Our daughter Andrea, husband Rob, son Creed, daughters  Ryann and Autumn