John L. Moore

writer, rancher, cowboy, Christian author and speaker

John Moore is a third-generation cattle rancher in Montana and a multi-award-winning journalist and novelist. His journalism, book reviews, and photography have appeared in scores of publications. Currently, 2014 has John working steadily on a fourth book in the "Ezra Riley" collection.

Though writing occurs often, ranching is non-stop. John is able to take a break every now and then to enjoy the beauty God has surrounded him with, as evidenced in his photography.

You can contact John via LinkedIn, or find him on Facebook.

    News Flash posted March 2014:

John's 4th Ezra Riley novel is coming in May, 2014!




    News Flash posted February 2014:

This photo, taken by John on Sunday, December 22nd, 2013, on the North Fork of Sunday Creek, has become his most looked-at photo ever thanks to the Web with an estimated 200,000 viewings.




    News Flash posted January 2014:

Though he seldom writes poetry, two of John's poems were selected for the beautiful coffee-table book, Brushstrokes & Balladeers published recently by CJ Hadley and RANGE Magazine.

Update:  Brushstrokes & Balladeers wins the prestigious WRANGLER AWARD from The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.


    News Flash posted October 2013:

We have repurchased the young stallion, Oswald Taylorcat, from Lee and Penny Hetletved and we are back in the horse business. "Taylor" is currently in training with Jordan Lee of Helena, Montana. We will pasture-breed select mares to Taylor in 2014. See more on Taylor on our Registered Quarter Horses page.


    News Flash posted May 2013:

John appears in the film The Last Stronghold - The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale, produced by Montana filmmakers Jon Dodson and Ian Kellett. It is a "rare glimpse into the world of Rodeo and Bronc busting in the context of Montana’s frontier history and a lifestyle that continues to define the American West."   Last Stronghold:The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

    News Flash posted February 2013:

We are very happy to see the attention that Dr. Benjamin Carson is drawing to the problems of this country and the need for Biblical solutions. Dr. Carson is a true American hero and American success story and we are especially honored that he endorsed Loosening the Reins.  Of this book Dr. Carson wrote, "John Moore has demonstrated in this book that real manhood and fatherhood can be realized in any environment."


A favorite childhood photo, this was taken at the Dead Man corrals in the summer of 1958. I'm the little boy with the rope, my Uncle Dan is on the calf's head, my father is branding, Uncle Tol is on the calf's feet, and Uncle Bill is walking. The roper is our neighbor, Charlie Parker and at far right on a calf is Joe Peila, Sr., another neighbor. Charlie Parker taught me to rope when I was four and gave me the rope I am holding. His father came to Montana with a Texas trail herd.