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"John isn't a "writer." I've worked with lots of writers and they generally just love the craft of putting words together. John is a true Author. He has something to say, whether it is a short piece in a journal or a full blown novel. He is resourceful, imaginative and communicates out of a deep well of personal experiences. Don't try and figure him out; he's not going to conform to a stereotype. Just enjoy his friendship." Ken Stephens, LinkedIn recommendation.


The Land of Empty Houses

Across a barren landscape a mysterious young woman named Deborah, her white dog, Dunamis, and an AWOL Army officer named Daniel encounter the new tribes of an apocalyptic West.

"In the 21st century, America's interior is a place of desolation caused by plagues, earthquakes, and the total collapse of the infrastructure. John Moore's book, The Land of Empty Houses, is populated with unusual people struggling to survive, but the most compelling characters are Daniel and Deborah. Told from Daniel's perspective, their story pulsates with adventure, purpose, and emotion. This is a compelling story of hope and salvation in the midst of despair. My wife and I such different tastes in reading. Empty Houses is one book we both loved. We highly recommend this stimulating book of overcoming at a time when we need overcomers in the world. "

-- Dr. Chuck D. and Pamela Pierce
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The Breaking of Ezra Riley

Now all three books of the Ezra Riley trilogy are available in one volume. Book one, The Breaking of Ezra Riley -- a cowboy and Christian classic that has won numerous awards -- is a story of fathers and sons, an unrelenting land, and the burden of heritage and pride.

Book two, Leaving the Land, is a lesson in gifting versus character as Ezra Riley encounters a musician with unquestioned talent but questionable virtue. The Limits of Mercy ends the Ezra saga with Riley fighting for his life and land against evil both known and mysterious. (Published by Broadman and Holman Publishers, Nashville, TN)

"When history has it's say, books like The Breaking of Ezra Riley, will speak for the average American experience in the 20th century... an accurate picture of how ordinary people in this era made sense out of time and place and people and themselves." -- Milwaukee Journal

"If ever an author deserved a reading audience, it is John Moore. He is a genuine cowboy who writes graphically and excitingly about a facet of American life that is fast fading away -- the ol' west." --  Joseph Girzone, author of Joshua

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Take The Reins

(previously published as Letters to Jess and Loosening the Reins)

When his son, Jess, was 10 years old, a saddlehorse ran off with the boy and John Moore received the inspiration for a book that would be loved by many, critically-acclaimed, and published in three editions. The first edition was Letters to Jess, a hardcover book from Richelieu Court Publishers. Then, Loosening the Reins (see Backlist Page), from Zondervan. Now entitled Take the Reins it is back in a deluxe hardcover edition from Thomas Nelson. How do people react to this book? Recently the publisher received an order for 75 copies from a woman in Texas. Her brother-in-law -- a fan of the book -- had been killed in a tractor accident and the family gave copies of the book away in his memory.

Words & Blurbs

"...this is the story of the land and how deeply it can get into a person’s soul."
American Cowboy

"Moore is a master analogist."
New Man

"These essays suggest in lucid and frequently beautiful prose an approach to life that has kept Moore vibrant, alive, and fighting against a world of disaster and adversity...John Moore may be the best of many writers dealing with the modern West."
Montana Magazine

"This wise and gentle book is the best example of the oldest method of teaching -- father to son via the covenant -- that I have read in many years." Larry Woiwode

"John Moore is the most authentic Montana writer since Will James, only better. He lives what he writes about. That can be said of few writers whose subject is the ranch country of the American West. To him the arctic wind hurtling down from Canada is not second hand, nor the dry creek bed in summer, the thin, stumbling cattle and the coyote waiting just off there. John Moore knows the sound of the plunging nighthawk, and where and how the Indians buried their dead. Who wants to know what Montana is and was, should read John Moore."
Thomas Savage

"Making a commitment to father your kids is like ranching in the Big Sky country: it’s huge and risky. John Moore beautifully proves this analogy."
Ken Canfield

"John Moore’s stories about loving a hard land and living by the grace of the Creator challenge his son -- and us -- to see life for the perilous, glorious venture that it is."
Virginia Stem Owens

"Loosening the Reins contains valuable insights into the relationship between parents and children and the profound effect caring parents can have on growth of their children."
Joseph Girzone, author of Joshua

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The Collector's Edition of the

Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

72 pages of classic photos and articles of early
    Montana history and the famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

A photo from The Collector's Edition of the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale.

This photo, taken by John L. Moore in 1979, is one of four in a series that shows an incredible wreck. The series was citied among the best action photos of the year by "Horse and Rider" magazine.

Out of print but may be available as an e-book soon.

You can learn more on the Bucking Horse Sale from John Moore and others via the following links.

Last Stronghold:The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale:  A film by two Montana film makers Jon Dodson and Ian Kellett. John appears describing ranch life in Eastern Montana.

31 Miles City Bucking Horse Sale - YouTube:  A YouTube interview with John L. Moore on the Bucking Horse Sale


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